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Truck Driver Back Taxes

One of the most misunderstood types of independent contractors is truck drivers.

Truck drivers who owe back taxes can get tax relief in the form of offers in compromise, installments, penalty abatement, or another approach.
We specialize in helping owners/operators and anyone in the trucking industry.

Truck drivers, who are independent contractors, are among the highest group of individuals to have a substitute for return (SFR) filed on their behalf by the IRS. When this happens, the IRS files a return for the individual without allowing any expenses. The IRS bases their calculation solely on the amount of income reported on any 1099 to the individual. This results in an excessive amount of tax due for the person the return was filed for.

As any truck driver knows, the amount reported on 1099 is not an accurate representation of the true amount they bring home at the end of the year. Trucking expenses are substantial and include parts and services, gas, miles, insurance, tires, tolls, parking fees, registration fees, and many others.

If You Have Unfiled Tax Returns & Tax Debt – Settle It Now!

Truckers are the highest group of individuals for which the IRS files a substitute for return (SFR). When an SFR is filed for you, the IRS does not take into consideration any of the expenses. Trucking expenses are substantial and the amounts on your 1099s are rarely accurate, which are more reasons truckers do not want the IRS to file an SFR.

An SFR not only increases the amount of tax debt owed, it also impacts Stimulus Checks and loans, like the Payroll Protection Plan and Economic Injury Disaster Loan. To ensure eligibility for obtaining benefits and loans, and to prevent aggressive collection attempts by State and Federal Tax agencies, truckers are urged to file their unfiled tax returns and settle their tax debts as soon as possible.

For truckers that don’t understand all of the expenses or only have profit and loss statements, our tax attorneys can work closely with you to ensure your case achieves the best outcomes possible.

Why Do So Few Truck Drivers Utilize Fresh Start?

Tax debt affects thousands of truck drivers; nevertheless, few seek out assistance to resolve their debts with the IRS. It’s not that the resources are unavailable, but that the IRS bureaucracy often gets too complicated for the average truck driver to take on.

In truth, fighting the IRS is a full-time job, so truck drivers are turning to reputable tax relief firms to ensure that they receive the most relief possible.

Many truck drivers do not realize they qualify for tax relief because they never took the time to check their eligibility. It is 100% FREE to see if you qualify for the IRS Fresh Start Program, and a few minutes could help you save THOUSANDS.

See if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program today!

Qualifying for Fresh Start is quick and simple.

  1. Answer a few questions about your finances
  2. Qualify and be presented with a resolution
  3. Enroll in IRS Fresh Start Program

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